Little Miss
Monday, April 22, 2019
By Amber Henry
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Glo-Up Transformation

This little lady's mother brought her to our studio to bring that 'glow' back into her life. Little Miss and her twin brother spent many years in a very dark and depressing foster care system, until they found their forever home with their new Mom and Dad last year. Knowing her new daughter needed to feel valued, loved, and special she scheduled a 'Love Yourself" session with me.

The girl who entered my studio wouldn't look me in the eye, hid under her coat, and had a very real panic attack when everything started. Being in a new place with new people in her situation, I know must be emotionally terrifying.

We spent time talking, going through the clothes together, letting her pull out favorites, eating chicken nuggets and just taking it all slow.

What happened next was like a flower blossoming before our eyes.

Here is Little Miss's incredible transformation.

(Side note - since her session, her mom says she has become a bubbly, spunky, full of life and some mischief, pre-teen at home!)

special thanks to -

LC Makeup Artistry
and Jessica Harris Hair

Little Miss's Glo Up Session

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