Thursday, June 06, 2019
By Amber Henry
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Would you like to experience our famous Glo-Up Session?


You have seen the results from my very exclusive "Glo Up" portrait sessions. What if I told you, this could be you? This SHOULD be you. These sessions are so special to me, that I have heard your responses. So many wanting to do these sessions, but haven't pulled the trigger.

Well...the next two months I am doing something I have NEVER done before.

I heard you... and I'm making it happen.

Announcing for a VERY LIMITED TIME -

"A Little Shine Session", a small version of our famous Glo-Up Portrait experience.

15 minutes of individual portrait time with Amber, 5 incredible digital images. Limited to ONE individual person per session per time slot. Ages 10 and up only.

This session is valued at $1,350, and I am offering it at this exclusive event only for $199, and for 4 days only!

As you can imagine, we will be booking these spots VERY QUICKLY. Do not wait to secure yours as we will not be doing this again.

Pick your date, sign your name, pay your session fee, and it is yours!


Special Attention- Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your time as sessions are back to back and a late arrival may forfeit their service. Come ready to be photographed - ( hair, makeup, outfit)  however you choose to be seen! Each session is for one individual person only (no couples or groups). Each person will be captured by Amber using her skill and creative talents - she will have full artist control on background choices, posing, lighting, look and feel for each subject. (Trust us with this one!) Each person will receive five finished digital images of Amber's choice.

No substitutions. No refunds will be given once payment is received and time is booked.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
By Amber Henry
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Last month one of my favorite local places to photograph a wedding asked me to shoot a lovely intimate set up to show perspective brides and grooms the possibilities of having a smaller event with them.

The results are gorgeous, and their very own Wedding & Social Catering sales manager Claire stepped in as our 'bride'. ( Isn't she too adorable for words? )

My team and I were so happy to be a part of her creation and love every opportunity we get to work with the H Hotel in Midland, Michigan. Some of my award winning images have been shot in their hotel! If you are interested in booking your event with them, don't hesitate as I know they book up quickly, and make sure to ask for Claire!


Monday, April 22, 2019
By Amber Henry
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Glo-Up Transformation

This little lady's mother brought her to our studio to bring that 'glow' back into her life. Little Miss and her twin brother spent many years in a very dark and depressing foster care system, until they found their forever home with their new Mom and Dad last year. Knowing her new daughter needed to feel valued, loved, and special she scheduled a 'Love Yourself" session with me.

The girl who entered my studio wouldn't look me in the eye, hid under her coat, and had a very real panic attack when everything started. Being in a new place with new people in her situation, I know must be emotionally terrifying.

We spent time talking, going through the clothes together, letting her pull out favorites, eating chicken nuggets and just taking it all slow.

What happened next was like a flower blossoming before our eyes.

Here is Little Miss's incredible transformation.

(Side note - since her session, her mom says she has become a bubbly, spunky, full of life and some mischief, pre-teen at home!)

special thanks to -

LC Makeup Artistry
and Jessica Harris Hair

Little Miss's Glo Up Session

Thursday, March 14, 2019
By Amber Henry
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Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

One of my favorite things is to travel and get to photograph people in new environments.

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) is held once a year in Las Vegas,Nevada. An incredible week long conference where photographers form all over the world come to learn, teach, buy the latest tech, and compete in print competitions, it was great that my whole team was along for the journey this time. We flew in a day early and my crew and I headed out with several other Detroit area photographers to 'play in the Red Rocks."

WOW, could these girls move! We photographed the Vegas Bombshells, and they were up, down, laying in the rocks and jumping in the air. Not to mention we all had to step around cactus and watch out for scorpions and snakes. These ladies were true professionals so kudos to them for the hard day we put them through! As the day went on it got cold, I mean really cold! The minute the sun set behind the hills and we fell into shadows, the jackets and sweaters came out. These ladies stuck it out, covered in goose bumps, and totally rocked. In fact, we believe they would have kept going into the night if we hadn't had to leave!

And....of course, as a person going from the cold icy north of Michigan to the sprawling beauty of these grand mountains is quite a difference in a single day! (Sinus issues were no joke to contend with)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
By Amber Henry
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A week ago I had the grand pleasure of visiting Michigan's hidden gem: Valhalla Ranch and Resort. This beautiful resort lives up to it's name. Valhalla is a word to represent something similar to heaven, and I can attest it is just that.

Valhalla Ranch and Resort reached out to me, because they want to start being a destination wedding venue. In order to do that, they wanted my help in showing the resort's potential. I brought with me a beautiful couple, two assistants, and even a videographer. All of us can agree, this location is a dream wedding location. When we first arrived, we probably sounded a little silly, because we were pointing to everything and I believe the word "amazing" was thrown around several times.

The details put into the resort and lodge were so beautifully done. From hidden light switches, to lighted mirrors, amazing views and a gorgeous soaking tub in front of a fireplace, this resort has it all. And that is only what is on the inside!

Valhalla Ranch and Resort is over 600 acres and includes several lakes and ponds, trails, and the wildlife is just outside your window. While we were photographing inside the grand front entrance, a deer walked right up to the building. How amazing is that?

As a photographer, I could have stayed for hours photographing this location, as it is simply a wonderful venue. Any Bride who chooses this venue for their nuptials will be guaranteed a wedding to remember, and one that her guests will continue to talk about years later.

While I could continue to talk about this resort, I will let my images do the talking for me.


Valhalla Ranch and Resort

Clothing and Accessories by The Glass Slipper

Hair by Statements

Photography by Amber Henry Photography