Tuesday, April 11, 2017
By Amber Henry
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A week ago I had the grand pleasure of visiting Michigan's hidden gem: Valhalla Ranch and Resort. This beautiful resort lives up to it's name. Valhalla is a word to represent something similar to heaven, and I can attest it is just that.

Valhalla Ranch and Resort reached out to me, because they want to start being a destination wedding venue. In order to do that, they wanted my help in showing the resort's potential. I brought with me a beautiful couple, two assistants, and even a videographer. All of us can agree, this location is a dream wedding location. When we first arrived, we probably sounded a little silly, because we were pointing to everything and I believe the word "amazing" was thrown around several times.

The details put into the resort and lodge were so beautifully done. From hidden light switches, to lighted mirrors, amazing views and a gorgeous soaking tub in front of a fireplace, this resort has it all. And that is only what is on the inside!

Valhalla Ranch and Resort is over 600 acres and includes several lakes and ponds, trails, and the wildlife is just outside your window. While we were photographing inside the grand front entrance, a deer walked right up to the building. How amazing is that?

As a photographer, I could have stayed for hours photographing this location, as it is simply a wonderful venue. Any Bride who chooses this venue for their nuptials will be guaranteed a wedding to remember, and one that her guests will continue to talk about years later.

While I could continue to talk about this resort, I will let my images do the talking for me.


Valhalla Ranch and Resort

Clothing and Accessories by The Glass Slipper

Hair by Statements

Photography by Amber Henry Photography

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