Vegas Bombshells Desert Shoot
Thursday, March 14, 2019
By Amber Henry
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Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

One of my favorite things is to travel and get to photograph people in new environments.

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) is held once a year in Las Vegas,Nevada. An incredible week long conference where photographers form all over the world come to learn, teach, buy the latest tech, and compete in print competitions, it was great that my whole team was along for the journey this time. We flew in a day early and my crew and I headed out with several other Detroit area photographers to 'play in the Red Rocks."

WOW, could these girls move! We photographed the Vegas Bombshells, and they were up, down, laying in the rocks and jumping in the air. Not to mention we all had to step around cactus and watch out for scorpions and snakes. These ladies were true professionals so kudos to them for the hard day we put them through! As the day went on it got cold, I mean really cold! The minute the sun set behind the hills and we fell into shadows, the jackets and sweaters came out. These ladies stuck it out, covered in goose bumps, and totally rocked. In fact, we believe they would have kept going into the night if we hadn't had to leave!

And....of course, as a person going from the cold icy north of Michigan to the sprawling beauty of these grand mountains is quite a difference in a single day! (Sinus issues were no joke to contend with)

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